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PTT LNG Company Limited (PTTLNG)
PTT LNG Company Limited (PTTLNG)
was established in August 2004 as a wholly owned by PTT Plc.- Thailand national oil & gas company - to build and operate Thailand first LNG Terminal, Map Ta Phut LNG Terminal, in order to serve the rising demand of natural gas and secure the country of long term energy supply.

The excellent service provider of world class LNG Terminal

What is LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) ?
Characteristics of LNG
  • Methane 75%-90%
  • Volume reduction factor 1/600
  • Environmentally clean
  • Odorless colorless
Properties of LNG
  • Liquefied at -160 ๐C
  • Flammability limits 5% - 15%
  • Auto-ignition temperature at 537 ๐C
  • Non-corrosive Non-toxic

LNG Value Chain



Benefit of LNG to Thailand

  • Ensure national energy security
  • Increasing capability to supply natural gas
  • Serving growth of of natural gas demand in power sector


Business Strategy

  • Be the first LNG Terminal in Southeast Asia
  • Diversify LNG supply source
  • Create opportunity in LNG business LNG


Project Milestones



Map Ta Phut LNG Terminal

  Phase 1 Phase 2 Total
Jetty 1 1 2
Vessel Size (m3) 125,000 - 264,000 125,000 - 264,000 125,000 - 264,000
LNG Tank (m3) 160,000 x 2 160,000 x 1 160,000 x 3
Capacity (MTPA / MMSCFD) 5 / 700 5 / 700 10 / 1400
Truck Loading (ton per day) 500 500 1,000
Commercial Operation 2011 2016  



Codes and Standards

NFPA59A Standard for the Production, Storage and Handling of LNG
EN1473 Standard for Onshore Installation and Equipment Design for LNG
SIGTTO Operating Standard and Best Practices in Gas Tanker and Terminal Operation


Scope of Services


PTTLNG provides LNG receiving terminal services of international standard with its key missions to encourage clean energy and secure national energy supply, with corporate good governance and social responsibility.