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Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co., Ltd (Thappline)
Thappline was established on January 9, 1991, following a cabinet resolution to import the efficiency of oil transportation, to reduce traffic congestion and pollution caused by oil truck transportation. Pipeline transportation is the most efficient means for oil product movement which also utilizes the least energy consumption per unit volume when compared to other systems.

Thappline operates three oil pipeline systems and two terminals
  • Mainline (Sriracha – Saraburi), covering 255 km. has a designed capacity to transport 26,000 million liters of fuelannually. The oil pipeline begins at Sriracha, Chonburi which receives fuel from two refineries (Esso and Thai Oil), and two import terminals (PTT and Cholburi Terminal) before transferring the fuel to Lumlukka Terminal in Pathumthani Province and Saraburi Terminal, as well as a separate connection to dedicatory supply of aviation fuel to BAFS Depot at Donmuang Airport.
  • MTP Feederline, extending 67 km. from Sriracha Pump Statio to Map Ta Phut, has a designed capacity of 7,200 million liters per year.
  • SBA Dedicated Line, stretching 38 km. from Lumlukka Terminal to Suvarnabhumi Airport, is capable to support the jet fuel utilization of about 100 million passengers per year.

Lumlukka Terminal and Saraburi Terminal hold total storage capacity of 340 million litres. These key oil storage facilities distribute oil products to various regions of the country.