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What is the difference between PTT Group Procurement and normal procurement?
PTT Group Procurement is the Group procurement processes where forecasted consumption and requirements among PTT group are collected and standardize which lead to price agreement that will be use among participating PTT Group company which lead to process and time reduction for each of the company.
How does a successful bidder create contracts with PTT Group companies? Does the vendor create one contract with each company separately or create only one contract for all PTT Group companies?
The successful bidder will be contracted by each of the PTT Group companies which will require the vendor to create a Purchasing Order (PO) or a Contract based on the Term of Reference (TOR).
For PTT Group Procurement, are vendors required to offer all of the items listed on the quotation or can they offer only partial items?
It depends on the TOR which should specify whether all items must be quoted.
For PTT Group Procurement, what is the channel that vendors can contact PTT Group companies for more information?
During the PTT Group Procurement processing, vendors can contact “Procurement Policy & Strategic Sourcing Division, PTT Public Company Limited” until there is a successful bidder. Then, vendors must contact the PTT Group Company directly.
For PTT Group Procurements, do vendors have to comply with the new national anti-corruption law such as contract control number issuance?
  Compliance with the new national anti-corruption law depends on policies and regulations of each respective PTT Group company. Vendors must contact the procurement division of each company for clarification.